Douro Valley

Flowing to your soul


Timeless Joy

Following the trail carved by the Douro River upstream toward the east, we would cross the border into Spain.
map of the  region

Sunset in the Porto bay over the Douro river

Douro river at dusk, Porto

Douro Valley: UNESCO World Heritage Site

An old stone bridge in the middle of Douro valley

Douro valley immersed in the vibrating green of Portugal

Quinta de la Rosa wineyard cliff

Rabelos in the Douro river, Vila Nova de Gaia

Quinta de la Rosa wineyard cliff

Cruise over the Douro River


Following the trail carved by the Douro River upstream toward the east, we would cross the border into Spain. Along the journey through Portugal, you can discover what UNESCO considers a unique landscape. In their own words: “The cultural landscape of the Alto Douro is an outstanding example of a traditional European wine-producing region, reflecting the evolution of this human activity over time.”
This is one of the very few areas in the world that holds two UNESCO Treasures: the Prehistoric rock art sites of Coa Valley and Siega Verde, on which over 5,000 carvings of animal figures from the Palaeolithic era can be seen.
Your exploration might take you to a stay at a private Quinta (wine house) overlooking the river valley with amazing views over the vineyards, watching people at work who still use horses to plow their lands in the hills, where no machines are able to go.
There, alone with your friends or family, you will forget time and sit for a sunset picnic while the sun slowly waters the air with a thousand different colors. The river will take you through immense landscapes, be it for just a few hours or for several days. You taste wines, but your soul tastes deeper feelings that you might not know they would even exist.

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Douro Valley

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