Castile La Mancha

In every windmill, a dream

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History, heritage and local traditions

This is a land famous for its arts and crafts, for the unique monuments to be seen in its towns and cities, and for being the setting for the adventures of the famous literary hero Don Quixote of La Mancha.
map of the Castile La Mancha region

Original windmills creates the typical landscape of La Mancha

Alcalá del Júcar springs

the 15th century medioeval castle of Guadamur

Historical representation for Easter in Salamanca

Evocative ruins of the castle of Caudilla in Toledo

Expectacular sightseeing of the Alarcón swamp

Santa Maria de Toledo gothic cathedral

Corpus Christi celebrations in Toledo

houses hanging over the gorge of the Huécar river in Cuenca


Castilla la Mancha is a land famous for being the setting for the adventures of the famous literary hero Don Quixote, by Cervantes. Less-known that many other regions in Spain, "la Mancha" reserves you beautiful surprises. It is a perfect stop from Madrid to Andalusia, or a destination itself for few days of authentic adventure away from the masses.

Its authentic landscapes are marked by extensive olive groves and vineyards, which are two of the main sources of wealth of the autonomous region. Try to imagine: this "Spanish wine hub" is the world’s largest planted vineyard! The local olive oil is quite delicious, and another highlight of the local gastronomy and the famous "Manchego" cheese, made from sheep’s milk, of the local breed. This is not to mention saffron, a luxury product that you may be lucky enough to see bloom in October and November.

Finally, Castilla la Mancha is a land of history, heritage and local traditions and its towns, villages, castles and windmills will seduce you. The local architecture of a city like Almagro, with its 18th century theater, is something you could not miss.

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Historia y modernidad en la Ciudad Encantada

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