map of the Extremadura region Best Iberian ham near Salamanca

Discover la Dehesa

Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the Dehesa, a unique Mediterranean ecosystem

Your adventure begins as you venture into the picturesque countryside, leaving the bustling city of Salamanca behind. The Dehesa, with its rolling hills and expansive meadows, provides the perfect backdrop for this experience. As you arrive at the farm, you will be greeted by the warm hospitality of the local farmers, who have perfected the art of producing the world-famous Iberian ham.

map of the Extremadura region Best Iberian ham near Salamanca

Observe the animal in its natural environment

The typical Andalusian tradition

The farm offers a rare opportunity to witness firsthand the entire process of Iberian ham production, from the rearing of the pigs to the curing and aging of the ham. You will have the chance to observe the pigs in their natural environment, as they roam freely in the vast pastures of the Dehesa, an ecosystem renowned for its oak forests and traditional farming practices. This idyllic setting allows the pigs to indulge in a diet consisting primarily of acorns, a crucial factor that contributes to the exceptional flavor and quality of Iberian ham.

map of the Extremadura region Best Iberian ham near Salamanca

All about acorn-fed Iberian ham production

The typical Andalusian tradition

Accompanied by knowledgeable guides, you will learn about the traditional techniques employed in the breeding and care of these prized Iberian pigs. Gain insights into the intricacies of their diet, exercise, and overall well-being, which play a vital role in creating the distinctive taste that has captivated food enthusiasts worldwide.

map of the Extremadura region Best Iberian ham near Salamanca

A tasting session you will never forget

Enhance your experience

To enhance your experience, you will have the opportunity to sample the delicious Iberian ham at the farm's tasting area. Savor the rich, melt-in-your-mouth flavors and appreciate the complexity that only time and expert craftsmanship can bring to this culinary delight. Your taste buds will be treated to a symphony of savory and nutty notes, a true testament to the exceptional quality of the ham.

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Estoy muy contento, se lo recomiendo a todo el mundo!

Me encantó viajar por primera vez con Spaintop, principalmente porque eran dos lugares que tenía muchas ganas de visitar, pero no me había informado directamente sobre el mejor hotel para alojarme, los mejores tours para hacer y solo quedaban unos días . ¡Así que SpainTOP me dio todos los consejos! Me encantaron los hoteles de Granada y Sevilla y fui muy bien recibido en el aeropuerto. La guía de Granada fue una de las mejores guías que he tenido la experiencia de tener en mi vida, ¡una enciclopedia! Estuvo todo el día conmigo, me explicó todo, me hizo compañía. ¡Era muy guay! Granada es una ciudad a la que volvería una y otra vez. Me encantó que sugirieran tomar el tren de Granada a Sevilla, porque es un viaje hermoso. También puedes ir en coche, pero me pareció perfecta su recomendación de ir en tren. En Sevilla el hotel era un sueño, fueron 3 noches maravillosas! Recomiendo encarecidamente SpainTOP para viajar, porque la verdad es que no tenía nada planeado, lo organizaron todo, dieron consejos de restaurantes, etc. Estoy muy contento, se lo recomiendo a todo el mundo y no veo la hora de volver a viajar con ellos!
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Beto Pacheco avatar

Beto Pacheco

The trip of a lifetime

Look no further than SpainTop to plan the most amazing journey for you!  As a seasoned traveler to Spain for almost two decades, I had definite ideas and opinions about the itinerary. Antonio and his team wove each one into the fiber of the trip without compromising what he knew would enhance the trip for both a frequent Spain visitor and her group of dear friends who were visiting Spain for only the first or second time. All have said that it was the trip of a lifetime.

Judy T avatar

Judy T
Atlanta - USA

My compliments to SpainTop Team

My compliments to you and your company! Our trip was fantastic! Transportation, accommodations, guides - all were well chosen! The hotels were well situated, well appointed and had helpful, friendly staff. Breakfast included was most convenient!Transportation in all its forms was amazing! The drivers and mini-vans contracted were professional and made travelling easy for us!

Sharon G avatar

Sharon G
Milwakee - USA

A wonderful trip in Portugal

We had a wonderful trip to Portugal. Our agent was extremely responsive and designed an itinerary based on our interests and desires. We were able to experience many different sides of Portugal and we loved them all. The company is located in Madrid but they have many sources in Portugal and they put together a truly enjoyable trip for us.

Janet T avatar

Janet T
San Diego - USA

First time with travel agent

My husband and I have always been independent travelers and never used a travel agent. As we started to research our trip to Spain, we were struggling because there was so much we wanted to see and we had such limited time to spend trying to figure it all out. As we were trying to plan, I read a review on a travel forum which mentioned SpainTop. I called their US number and reached Antonio right away. In his perfect English, he asked me and my husband a series of questions.

Cara T avatar

Cara T
San Diego - USA

SpainTop. Excellent organization

The trip organization by this Spain travel agency was excellent. All the hotels were in the city center with an easy walk to the heart of the city. The train reservations and tickets were all done before I left.

Neeta D avatar

Neeta D
San Diego - USA

It was a joy to deal with SpainTop

It was a joy to deal with this travel agency.  Nothing was left to chance and every service met the highest professional standards.  The drivers were careful and caring.  All the tour guides were completely bilingual and were dedicated to making each experience educational and enjoyable.  The hotels were of superior quality and the personnel again dedicated to making the experience comfortable and most pleasant.  Our agent monitored our stay to ensure that everything was going well.

Nilda T avatar

Nilda T
San Diego - USA

First Class all the way

Well the trip to Spain went off without a hitch, thanks to you! It was first class all the way. The hotels were marvellous. And the guides in Granada and Barcelona were intelligent and informative.

Patrizia B avatar

Patrizia B
San Diego - USA

SpainTop exceeded our expectations

My husband and I travelled to Spain at the beginning of September 2016 for our honeymoon, after planning the trip with this agent several months earlier. Every step of the planning process and the trip itself was effortless and exceptional. Our special interests, preferences and requests were accommodated by our travel agency resulting in a trip that exceeded our expectations. 

Corinne F avatar

Corinne F
San Diego - USA

SpainTop exceeded our expectations

I must say SpainTop planned an exceptional trip throughout Spain and Portugal. We had the time of our life! Thank you for a job very well done!
Your hotel selection was outstanding - always in a very central location. We could always walk to major attractions and quality restaurants.
The company you used for drivers and transportation was exceptional. They were always on-time, courteous and knowledgeable of the local area. We felt in very safe hands. I had no idea that parking would be such a challenge. They were great and very skilled.

Bo and Susan avatar

Bo and Susan
San Diego - USA

SpainTop made our vacation exceptional

We had very high expectations and they were exceeded at every level. Our agent at this Portugal travel company did an outstanding job. The hotels were fabulous and we were greeted and treated with care. The itinerary proved outstanding. The drivers, especially the one in Lisbon, was wonderful. He was always on time, made changes to shift stops around to make the history  more evolutionary and  he was so knowledgeable about the history and included other very interesting facts.

Maurinne C avatar

Maurinne C
San Diego - USA

We had a truly amazing family vacation

We had a truly amazing family vacation. SpainTopt arranged every aspect of the trip and our expectations were consistently exceeded. Based on one phone conversation and several back and forths over email, our agent created a detailed twelve day itinerary. All of our private tours and transportation were handled by luxurious private vans that greeted us upon arrival and assisted with ours bags.

Michael L avatar

Michael L
San Diego - USA

SpainTop made our dream trip perfect

SpainTop did a fantastic job to make our dream trip perfect. We gave them our travel budget, told them where we would like to go, and they did all of the planning. Our drivers and tour guides were always on time and very knowledgable. The hotel accommodations were better than we would have found on our own. Only one time did we end up in a location that we had not intended to be in. We called the 24 hour phone number, and they immediately fixed the situation.

Don A avatar

Don A
San Diego - USA

We had a wonderful time

I just returned from a wonderful trip to Spain planned by Spaintop. The accommodations were wonderful, the tour guides terrific and the logistics went incredibly smoothly. I really want to move to Spain now! Feel free to use our Mother Son photo on your website. 

Rene avatar

Albuquerque - USA

I'll recommend SpainTop to anyone planning a trip

Spaintop staff was wonderful to work with.They listened to what we had to say and worked with us to create the exact itinerary we wanted. They gave us great advice and made our vacation everything we wanted it to be and more. I would certainly use them again and recommend them to anyone planning a trip.

Linda F avatar

Linda F
Albuquerque - USA

We totally loved all our guides

Thank you for a fabulous trip to Italy and Spain. We totally loved all our guides. Rosanna stood out for me.
She was totally awesome. She gave us a fantastic tapas tour and really connected with the group. The young lady in Toledo was great too. All our guides were great even the Rome guy.

Elizabeth & Cia avatar

Elizabeth & Cia
Minneapolis - USA